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Learn More about F.A.S.T. Sheets

What are F.A.S.T. Sheets?

The TrackMaster F.A.S.T. (Front-runner, Alternator, Stalker, Trailer) Sheets are computer generated handicapping reports which analyze pace scenarios and ratings, speed and class ratings, and numerous pertinent handicapping angles resulting in a contenders list along with an acceptable odds line for each contender. A report can be used as a selection and analysis sheet. The data provided can also be used by seasoned players as a shortcut in their handicapping process. By having the computer analyze the complexities of each race in a structured and precise format, a high level of consistency is maintained and large amounts of data are examined.

Features of F.A.S.T. Sheets

TrackMaster F.A.S.T. Sheets features the following information:

  • Speed up your handicapping and get that clear edge out at the racetrack
  • Analysis of pace scenarios and ratings and numerous other handicapping angles
  • Exotic wagering suggestions located at the end of the report
  • Includes Performance Clycles ($10 value) at no additional charge