File Information


Equibase PPs and Euroform™ Early/Final Information

Programs (early)

Programs that are labeled as "(early)" will include all past performance information EXCEPT: program numbers (wagering numbers), most morning line odds and some jockey assignments.
For Euroform™, the Race Program will be available, however, the Basic and European PP's will not appear until the program is final.

Programs (final) Programs labeled as "(final)" include program numbers, post positions, morning line odds and jockeys.

If you buy an Equibase PP or Euroform™ marked (early) you can return after the track sends in its final file and re-download them once they are final. You will not need to re-purchase this product. Simply click on "CHECKOUT" from the upper right hand corner of any page. Your Equibase PP and Euroform™ will remain available until its expiration date (72 hrs after race date).

When will PPs be available? PPs (early) are available shortly after the track's draw schedule (generally 48-72 hrs before the first race of the day). PPs (final) are generally available shortly after the track's scratch schedule (generally 24-48 hrs before the first race of the day). Most tracks which scratch off the program will send their final file in 24 hrs before the first race of the day.

For a list of track draw and scratch schedules, please see the Equibase Live Racing Calendar here.