iPP's by Equibase

Price: Free
Platform: iPad
Race cards: Starting at $1.99

iPPs by Equibase, The Ultimate iPad App - We have developed a revolutionary new handicapping tool for your iPad that allows you to customize and "mark-up" Thoroughbred and Harness past performance programs as if you were handicapping with a traditional pen and paper.

How can you use the iPPs?
Once you have selected the day you want (past performances are typically available a couple days in advance of the actual race day), choose the track and type of past performance you want and it will be delivered to your iPad. Once delivered to your iPad, you are free to mark up and personalize your programs however you like as you handicap! Denote, circle and mark your program with any of the iPPs special marking options, including a pen, highlighter, notes feature, underline, or strikethrough functions.

Note: iPPs are only able to be purchased through your iTunes account by pay-as-you-go or by subscription.