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[January 18, January 19, January 20]

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Availability of the "In Today" list for horses, trainers, jockeys, and owners is dependent upon the draw schedule (the assignment of post positions and program numbers) for each card, and that varies from track to track. Although races are usually drawn 48-to-72 hours in advance of a race card, some track programs are not available until 24 hours before a race card due to final rider assignments and other changes. However, every track will complete this process by no later than 24 hours out.


Horse Jockey Trainer Race
Aces High Lanerie, Corey Heitzmann, Eric 5
Alvear Velazquez, Denny Scherer, Gary 8
Always a Catch Sutherland, Chantal Rodriguez, Eduardo 8
Angie's Prim Lady Mena, Miguel Johnston, Edward 1
Any Ole Thing Chavez, Oriel Caldwell, Delmar 9
At Your Word Mena, Miguel Gelner, Scott 2
Blowin Your Mind Albarado, Robby Gelner, Scott 3
Blue Choice Murray, E. Gomez, Jorge 4
Blue Suade Guitar Bridgmohan, Shaun Arceneaux, Victor 3
Bold Embrace Hernandez, Colby Stall, Jr., Albert 7
Bold Star Emigh, Christopher Eglesfield, Bruce 4
Brooks House Valdivia, Jr., Jose Asmussen, Steven 6
Bulletsandbourbon Saez, Gabriel Faucheux, Ron 9
Byanymeans Mena, Miguel Amoss, Thomas 9
Casses Story Hernandez, Jr., Brian Casse, Mark 5
Catherine's Dream Valdivia, Jr., Jose Mouton, Patrick 7
Classy Paddy Hernandez, Colby Johnston, Edward 9
Concho Murray, E. Gomez, Jorge 4
Congratulate Me Pedroza, Marcelino Robertson, Hugh 2
Conscious Decision Riquelme, Jose Richardson-Tapia, Susan 8
Cool Spring Valdivia, Jr., Jose Pish, Danny 3
Curlins Vow Graham, James Tomlinson, Michael 5
D J Soul Sista Walker, Erin Steffee, Jed 1
Daddy's Memory Lanerie, Corey Tomlinson, Michael 1
Danny's Turbo Morales, Edgar Loza, Jr., Efren 4
Day Six Beschizza, Adam Sharp, Joe 4
Delusional K K Mena, Miguel Maker, Michael 7
Desert Empress Gilligan, Jack Broberg, Karl 9
Desert Image Emigh, Christopher Haran, John 1
Dreamy Art Morales, Edgar Loza, Jr., Efren 7
Efforting Hernandez, Jr., Brian Stall, Jr., Albert 7
Emelyn Geroux, Florent Johnston, Edward 3
Five Hearts Beschizza, Adam Sharp, Joe 6
Flashy Shoes Hernandez, Colby Breaux, Samuel 1
Flatter the Queen Albarado, Robby Brueggemann, Roger 2
Frozen Hannah Albarado, Robby Asmussen, Steven 6
Ghurair Geroux, Florent Rodriguez, Eduardo 8
Go Go Goose Borel, Calvin Duhon, Joe 1
Half Time Allie Pedroza, Marcelino Alonzo, Howard 3
Han Sense Mena, Miguel Maker, Michael 5
Heartland Hit Flores, Rico Dixon, Tim 4
James and Company Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 4
Juno's Starlet Lanerie, Corey Johnston, Edward 7
Katiebmeister Mena, Miguel Johnston, Edward 3
Kiss Endra Murrill, Mitchell Breaux, Samuel 9
Letthebigshot Roll Valdivia, Jr., Jose Roussel, III, Louie 8
Lilbitofjam Bridgmohan, Shaun Klanfer, Alan 7
Lola's the One Murrill, Mitchell Pessin, Neil 6
Lookin for Eight Albarado, Robby Casse, Mark 5
Louisianagentleman Saez, Gabriel Hernandez, Gerald 2
Lucky Summer Sutherland, Chantal Ingram, Steve 7
Meetmeforasmoke Beschizza, Adam Rodriguez, Eduardo 1
Miss Gracer Bravo, Joe Stidham, Michael 6
Mistake Present Beschizza, Adam Sharp, Joe 2
My Half Saez, Gabriel Caldwell, Delmar 3
Nadia Anne Stokes, Joe Flint, Steven 7
Peej Valdivia, Jr., Jose Roussel, III, Louie 8
Plug Catcher Saez, Gabriel Habeeb, Donald 8
Princess Samurai Geroux, Florent Calhoun, W. 7
Proud Reunion Lanerie, Corey Proctor, Thomas 6
Rainwalker Murrill, Mitchell Amoss, Thomas 1
Rebel Woman Chavez, Oriel Caldwell, Delmar 1
Restless Rambler Lanerie, Corey Flint, Bernard 4
Rock Shandy Hernandez, Jr., Brian Blair, Jordan 2
Roskilde Murrill, Mitchell Cowan, Jon 2
Sinny Sin Sin Pedroza, Marcelino Alonzo, Howard 9
Smoothmoney Saez, Gabriel Ramirez, Eduardo 4
Social Doll Broussard, Ashley Hicks, Cyril 7
Special Blessing Hernandez, Jr., Brian Calhoun, W. 3
St. Louie Guy Emigh, Christopher Becker, Scott 5
Star's Bella Vita Mena, Miguel Sharp, Joe 6
Starfish Point Hernandez, Jr., Brian Calhoun, W. 9
Starlet Guitar Hernandez, Colby Stall, Jr., Albert 3
Suppose So Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 1
Svindahl Beschizza, Adam Sharp, Joe 8
Tarpys Zapper Gilligan, Jack Lovell, Michelle 2
The Imposter Sutherland, Chantal Richards, Corale 4
Thunderberg Mena, Miguel Whited, Dana 8
Top Ten Hisby, Ronald Meiners, Charles 9
Twilight Star Murrill, Mitchell Benoit, Tyron 3
Tyler's Wildcat Murray, E. Gomez, Jorge 8
West Village Doyle, Sophie Catalano, Wayne 8
Whiskey Biz Flores, Rico Dixon, Tim 8
Wild About You Gilligan, Jack Haran, John 8
Wind Chill Factor Velazquez, Denny Scherer, Gary 7
Yeowzer Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 8