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[January 19, January 20, January 21]

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Horse Jockey Trainer Race
Avanzare Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 7
B's Ten Geroux, Florent Asmussen, Steven 3
Baby Spencer Geroux, Florent Cox, Brad 6
Bayou Lily Murrill, Mitchell Nicks, Morris 3
Be Kind Cannon, Declan Kenneally, Eddie 3
Bear's Big Boy Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 1
Beau Rouge Bonilla, Cristina Gary, Paul 9
Bitsy's Carlos Pedroza, Marcelino David, Jr., Sam 2
Black Tavish Mena, Miguel Shirer, Matt 7
Bourbon Candy Camacho, Jr., Samuel Engler, Jeff 1
Breezin Bye You Bonilla, Cristina Ramsey, Daryl 4
Carson's Prospect Beschizza, Adam Balderas, Alfonso 3
Chantses Murrill, Mitchell Scherer, Gary 5
Contrip Murrill, Mitchell Tracy, Jr., Ray 1
D J Trumpet Chavez, Oriel Hargrave, Kenneth 2
Dapper Jack Saez, Gabriel Ramirez, Eduardo 9
Demands Attention Graham, James Combs, Bentley 8
Devil's Teeth Beschizza, Adam Scherer, Gary 8
El Tristan Mena, Miguel Johnston, Edward 2
Fire Lake Theriot, Jamie Breaux, Samuel 9
First Embrace Cannon, Declan Lovell, Michelle 5
Five Small Doyle, Sophie Gomez, Jorge 1
Four Leaf Chief Riquelme, Jose Romero, Alvin 9
Full Heart Lanerie, Corey Foley, Gregory 8
General Basil Duke Geroux, Florent Pish, Danny 9
Gia Victoria Bridgmohan, Shaun Stewart, Dallas 3
Glispee Pedroza, Marcelino Barnett, Bobby 3
Golden Domer Lanerie, Corey Walsh, Brendan 6
Great Wide Open (IRE) Hernandez, Jr., Brian Murphy, Conor 7
Harbor Jedi Sutherland, Chantal Rini, Anthony 5
I'mwildaboutcarlos Hernandez, Colby Arceneaux, Victor 4
In the Navy Albarado, Robby Gelner, Scott 9
Industrial Policy Geroux, Florent Asmussen, Steven 5
Jack's Gray Girl Gilligan, Jack Johnston, Edward 4
Jus Wow Saez, Gabriel Asmussen, Steven 3
Khaleesi's Gift Doyle, Sophie Savoie, Sherman 4
Kid Perfect Geroux, Florent Montano, Sr., Angel 7
Lady Soul Geroux, Florent Brisset, Rodolphe 5
Lahaina Lad Emigh, Christopher Eglesfield, Bruce 8
Last Flash Sutherland, Chantal Moran, Sr., Donald 9
Left Coast Dreams Murrill, Mitchell Schwandt, Emile 8
Love On Tides Graham, James McKeever, Andrew 5
Made to Fit Sutherland, Chantal Richards, Corale 8
Marco Mischief Pedroza, Marcelino Gabriel, Jr., Leo 9
Maryblueeyes Riquelme, Jose Margolis, Steve 5
Mizz Tutu Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 6
Musket's Cup Cake Mena, Miguel Grimaldo, Jose 4
Ninety One Assault Bravo, Joe Morley, Thomas 9
Peace Treaty Pat Graham, James Nicks, Morris 3
Play the Break Pedroza, Marcelino Montano, Sr., Angel 5
Proud Dixie Graham, James Combs, Bentley 6
R Queendom Pedroza, Marcelino Arndt, Theodore 4
Racey Reecey Hernandez, Jr., Brian Flint, Bernard 5
Red Roux Graham, James Schmidt, Denise 2
Sage's Epiphany Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 5
Saintly Cry Mena, Miguel Hawley, Wesley 3
Saints' Girl Albarado, Robby Stewart, Dallas 3
Seven Heart Vargas, Juan Hargrave, Kenneth 8
Shamrock Star Hernandez, Jr., Brian Calhoun, W. 6
Sharp Machete Albarado, Robby Delahoussaye, Glenn 2
Shogood Emigh, Christopher Becker, Scott 7
Show Bound Sutherland, Chantal Mordenti, Kathleen 7
Simply Imagine Murrill, Mitchell Schweda, Brian 4
Smoking Romance Gilligan, Jack Broberg, Karl 1
Special Blessing Hernandez, Jr., Brian Calhoun, W. 3
Star Performer Lanerie, Corey Stall, Jr., Albert 3
Swamp Ruler Pedroza, Marcelino Moquett, Ron 8
Tee's Black Irish Sutherland, Chantal Wells, Melissa 2
Thirteen Songs Albarado, Robby Stewart, Dallas 6
Thirtysix G's Riquelme, Jose Ladner, John 2
True Flat Mena, Miguel Ingram, Steve 9
Ursula Andress (BRZ) Albarado, Robby Flint, Bernard 5
Valley of the Hide Hernandez, Colby Broberg, Karl 8
Wildwood Dejavu Emigh, Christopher Becker, Scott 1
Will Call Bridgmohan, Shaun Cox, Brad 7
Young Corbett Gilligan, Jack Haran, John 8