Claims for Aqueduct

Date Race Horse A/S Claim $ Claimed From Owner/Trainer New Owner/Trainer Shakes
01/15/2018 9 Sir Alfred 6/G $14,000 Schera, Matthew/ Martin, Carlos F. Mondello, Ben/ Englehart, Chris J.  
01/15/2018 5 Special Dividend 5/M $25,000 Drawing Away Stable/ Toscano, Jr., John T. Repole Stable/ Englehart, Jeremiah C.  
01/15/2018 5 Decorator Jenn 4/F $25,000 Yagoda, Aron S./ Rice, Linda E.V. Racing Stable/ Chatterpaul, Naipaul 2
01/15/2018 1 Sand Shark 4/F $16,000 Imperio, Michael and Nassau CC Stables/ Rodriguez, Rudy R. Thomas, Sally/ Sciacca, Gary 2
01/14/2018 6 Honor and Pleasure 4/G $16,000 Masiello, Robert, West Point Thoroughbreds and Larsen, Chris/ Albertrani, Thomas Flying P Stable/ D'Alessandro, Ralph  
01/14/2018 4 Tiznoble 5/H $16,000 Viverito, Thomas/ Barker, Edward R. Ramdat, Rohan/ Barrera, III, Oscar S. 2
01/14/2018 2 Josephine's Moment 7/M $12,500 Ostrager, Barry R./ Parker, Joseph G. Avanti Stable/ Rice, Linda  
01/14/2018 2 Maddizaskar 6/M $12,500 Mondello, Ben/ Toscano, Jr., John T. Eleven Stars Racing Stables/ Barbara, Robert 2
01/14/2018 1 Andesine 5/M $35,000 Clear Stars Stable and Schosberg, Richard E./ Schosberg, Richard E. Island Wind Racing/ Englehart, Chris J.  
01/13/2018 6 Bartleby 4/G $25,000 Parsons, Jr., William and Howe, David S./ Hennig, Mark A. Iglesias, Jesse/ DiPrima, Gregory 2
01/13/2018 1 Praetereo 10/G $12,500 Klesaris, Steve and La Marca Stable/ Rodriguez, Rudy R. Kazdan, Alex/ Follett, Norman C.  
01/13/2018 1 Conquest Bigluck E 6/G $12,500 Drawing Away Stable/ Toscano, Jr., John T. The Players Group/ Arriaga, Antonio 2